Gauri Ganesha

Gauri Ganesha is a 1991 Kannada comedy-drama film[1] directed by Phani Ramachandra. It stars Anant Nag, Vinaya Prasad, Master Anand, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Vaishali Kasaravalli, Ramesh Bhat among others.

Gauri Ganesha
Gauri Ganesha (Kannada film) poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byPhani Ramachandra
Produced byVishwa Sagara
Written byMalladi Venkata Krishna Murthy
StarringAnant Nag
Master Anand
Vinaya Prasad
Mukhyamantri Chandru
Ramesh Bhat
Music byRajan-Nagendra
CinematographyR. Manjunath
Edited bySuresh Urs
Release date
  • 1991 (1991)

Gauri Ganesha movie is regarded as one of the finest comedy film of all time in Kannada cinema. Anant Nag received Best Actor Filmfare Award (Kannada) for this movie. The story is based on Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy's Telugu comedy novel Wedding Bells. The movie was remade in Telugu in 1992 as Golmaal Govindam and in Tamil in 1998 as Kumbakonam Gopalu.



Lambodhara is a petty trickster who cheats and lies to make a false living. One day, he turns himself into an hospital, faking an abdominal issue, solely to get free lodging and food, and also his love interest Saraswathi or Sarasu (Vinaya Prasad). At the hospital Lambodhara comes across a recent patient named Gauri who has died of heart failure. Lambodhara gets a sudden idea and he decides to take her belongings and make some money of them, but instead finds her diary. He realizes that Gauri has come across 3 men who had significant influence in her life. The first man was her former boss who had proposed indecently to sleep with her. The second man wanted her to pretend that they are married to fool his parents in return for money for her heart treatment. The last man is a friend of the 2nd man, and thought that he had slept with her in a drunken state. The truth is that none of the men had any physical contact with her. Lambodhar devises a plan to extract money from these men and their families. He writes letters to the m stating that Gauri has given birth to their son and named him Ganesh. After a series of funny events, (such as the three booking almost neighbouring rooms on the same floor of the same hotel) all the three come to meet Lambodhar on the same day, and the film ends when Lambodhar blackmails them into submission.


Gauri Ganesha is one of the highest grossing Kannada films of the year 1991. The movie ran for 100 days at many centres across the Karnataka and it's declared as a blockbuster at the box-office.


Karnataka State Film Awards
Filmfare Awards South


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