Gary Apple (August 21, 1955, Brooklyn, NY) is an American comedy writer; he wrote for prime time network sitcoms and animation, including The Simpsons, and co-produced The Sinbad Show and the remake of Get Smart in the 90s. Apple also writes for the theater.

Gary Apple
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OccupationComedy writer


Gary’s first play, Black & White, was written while he was in college.[1] He moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to write for sitcoms; with Michael Carrington he wrote a sample episode of The Simpsons, which got the attention of producer Sam Simon. Simon met with them, and Apple and Carrington were invited to write an episode. They wrote “Homer’s Triple Bypass,” a Season 4 episode, chosen by Variety as one of the “28 Best Episodes in 28 Seasons” when The Simpsons aired it’s 600th episode.[2]

In 1997, Gary moved back to New York where he wrote animated programs, and also created, a website that sells gag-gift products.[3][4][5][6] In 2018 he wrote the book, music, and lyrics for Christmas In Hell, an Off-Broadway musical.[7][8] In 2015, it was included in the New York International Fringe Festival under the title “Hell Is For Real.”[9][10]

Apple is a member of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop and the BMI Librettist Workshop.[11]

Apple has also written for educational publishers, authoring textbooks and readers including;[12]

  • Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas (Oxford University Press)[13]
  • Mr. Bug's Phonics (Oxford University Press)[12]
  • Newcomer Phonics (Oxford University Press)[14]
  • Time Travel Trouble (McGraw-Hill School Division) [15]
  • Cam and Luck (McGraw-Hill School Division)[16]
  • Tourist Trap Island (McGraw-Hill School Division)[17]

Main worksEdit



  • Christmas in Hell (Off - Broadway musical) - Book, Lyrics, and Music - The York Theatre (2018)[10]
  • Small Wonders - 3 One-Act Plays - Produced at the Black Box Thespians (2015)[19]
  • When God Comes For Breakfast You Don´t Burn The Toast - One-Act Play Published by Samuel French[20]
  • Plays For An Undressed Stage - Collection of Three One-Act Plays, published by Samuel French
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