Garphyttan National Park

Garphyttan National Park (Swedish: Garphyttans nationalpark) is a Swedish national park in Kilsbergen west of Örebro in Lekeberg Municipality.[1] The national park has an area of 1.11 km2 (0.43 sq mi)[2] and was established in 1909 as the first of its kind in Sweden,[2] but was in existence as early as 1857.[3]

Garphyttan National Park
Garphyttans nationalpark
Garphyttan National Park.jpg
Flowers in Garphyttan National Park
LocationÖrebro County, Sweden
Nearest cityÖrebro, Örebro Municipality
Coordinates59°16.7′N 14°53′E / 59.2783°N 14.883°E / 59.2783; 14.883Coordinates: 59°16.7′N 14°53′E / 59.2783°N 14.883°E / 59.2783; 14.883
Area1.11 km2 (0.43 sq mi)
Governing bodyNaturvårdsverket


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