Garghabazar Mosque

The Garghabazar Mosque (Azerbaijani: Qarğabazar məscidi) is one of the ancient mosques of Azerbaijan. The mosque is located in Garghabazar village of Fuzuli District, Azerbaijan. This mosque is also known as the Giyas ad-Din Mosque.

Garghabazar Mosque
Qarğabazar məscidi
Qarğabazar məscidinin planı-001.jpg
LocationFuzuli District, Azerbaijan
Completion date1683-1684


There is a ligature on the entrance door of the mosque saying: “This mosque is built by Haji Giyas ad-Din a honest creature of Great Allah, in 1095 AH” (1683-1684 Gregorian). Haji Giyas ad-Din mosque has not any balcony and has only one hall built of local construction materials such as stone. A roof of the mosque is arch-shaped. There was not used any wood except in entrance door. The mosque was built in a rocky hill located in the center of the village. A caravanserai built in the same year is located in the southern part of the village.[1]

According to an architectural analysis of the caravanserai and the mosque, both of them were built by the same architect.


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Coordinates: 39°32′20″N 47°09′26″E / 39.53889°N 47.15722°E / 39.53889; 47.15722