Garden Dreams

Garden Dreams (彼は花園で夢を見る, Kare wa Hanazono de Yume wo Miru) is a one-shot Japanese manga written and illustrated by Fumi Yoshinaga. The manga is serialised in Shinshokan's Wings. Shinshokan released the manga on September 1999.[1]

Garden Dreams
(Kare wa Hanazono de Yume wo Miru)
GenreDrama, Romance, Historical
Written byFumi Yoshinaga
Published byShinshokan
English publisher
PublishedSeptember 1999
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It is licensed and published in North America by Digital Manga Publishing on October 24, 2007.[2][3]


Coolstreak Cartoons's Leroy Douresseaux commends the author's on her ability to "emphasize the emotion and mood" by focusing "often a single character" in every frame.[4] Pop Shock Culture's Katherine Dacey comments on the lack of "smut", "engaging talkfests" and detailed artwork in Garden Dreams, that usually peppers Fumi Yoshinaga's works.[5] David Welsh at Comic World News comments on the drop in the author's standards compared to her other works: Antique Bakery, Flower of Life (manga) and Ichigenme... The First Class is Civil Law.[6] Shaenon Garrity, writing for the appendix to Manga: The Complete Guide, felt the yaoi elements were toned down enough for a non-yaoi fan to enjoy the book, and praised Yoshinaga's character designs, calling them "some of the most handsome men in manga".[7]


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