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National anthem of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

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Garam shah lā garam shah (transl. "Be ardent, be more ardent") was the national anthem of Afghanistan between 1978 and 1992.[1]

سرود ملی
English: National Anthem
Afghan Anthem Music Sheet.InstrumentalSimple (1978-1992).svg

Former national anthem of  Afghanistan
Also known asGaram shah lā garam shah (English: Be ardent, be more ardent)
LyricsSulaiman Laiq, 1978
MusicJalīl Ghahlānd, 1978
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The music was the work of Jalīl Ghahlānd and was arranged by Ustad Salim Sarmad,[2] and the lyrics were by the poet Sulaiman Layeq[3] on behalf of the government of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) headed by Nur Muhammad Taraki, who decided to change the national symbols after the Saur Revolution of 1978.

Like many national anthems, it was sometimes sung abbreviated: only the chorus and the first stanza.

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