Gao Heng (philologist)

Gao Heng (Chinese: , July 29, 1900 – February 2, 1986) was a Chinese philologist and palaeographer, known for his work on the modern interpretation of the I Ching.[1] Among his most important accomplishments, he published a new translation of the ancient political treatise of Lord Shang with an original commentary in the (tumultuous) context of the 1970s.[2]

Gao Heng
Gao Heng

Gao Heng was born in Shuangyang County, Jilin Province. In 1953, Gao joined the faculty of Shandong University as a professor. From 1957 onwards, he was also a part-time fellow of the Institute of Philosophy in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1967, he transferred to Beijing and specialized in ancient and classical literature research.