Gansu Provincial Museum

The Gansu Provincial Museum (simplified Chinese: 甘肃省博物馆; traditional Chinese: 甘肅省博物館; pinyin: Gānsù Shěng Bówùguǎn) is a museum in Lanzhou, China. Its collections include over 350,000 artefacts, in two main sections: history and natural science. Since its foundation, the museum has held almost 300 exhibitions, and items from its collections have been exhibited worldwide. The museum was originally only for the history of Gansu itself, but was re-purposed in 1956 to be a natural history museum, after three years of renovations.[4]

Gansu Provincial Museum
The newly refurbished exhibition building
Gansu Provincial Museum is located in China
Gansu Provincial Museum
Location within China
Former name
Gansu Science and Education Museum
LocationLanzhou, Gansu Province, China
Coordinates36°03′40″N 103°50′03″E / 36.06109°N 103.83430°E / 36.06109; 103.83430
Key holdingsFlying Horse of Gansu
CollectionsSilk Road, Neolithic, Natural Science[1][2]
Collection size355,364[3]
DirectorE. Jun
English: [1]

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A major holding of the museum is the Flying Horse of Gansu, a bronze sculpture from Eastern Han dynasty, around the 2nd century AD. Apart from this, the museum has permanent exhibitions on:[5]

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