Gano Azadi League

Bangladesh Gano Azadi League (Bangladesh People's Freedom League) is a political party in Bangladesh, founded by Maulana Abdur Rashid Tarkabagish in 1976.[1] The party president is Alhaj Abdus Samad.[2] The party is a member of the centre-left 11-Party Alliance.[3]

In the 2001 parliamentary elections the party ran three candidates, in the 3 Nowabganj constituencies[citation needed]. Samad stood in the constituency Nawabganj-3, and got 468 votes (2.15%). In Nawabganj-1, party candidate Mohammed Nazrul Islam got 108 votes (0.04%) and in Nowabganj-2 Mohammed Bazlur Rahman got 204 votes (0.09%)[citation needed].


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