Gamo is the name of the Ethiopian ethnic group, who speak the Gamo language. They comprise of three clans Dorze, Doko and Ochello.[1] The name "Gamo" means a lion, which refers to their legacy and one of omotic peoples; along with the Goffa, they gave their names to the former Gamo-Gofa province of Ethiopia.Goffa broke away from Gamo Gofa zone in 2019. The 2007 Ethiopian national census reported that 1,107,163 people (or 1.56% of the ethiopia population) identified themselves as Gamos, of whom 141,233 were urban inhabitants and 965,930 Rural.The national census of 2007 believed to be incorrect, it is widely believed that the population of Gamo is over 3 million The Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region is home to 64.5% of this people. Arbaminch is the Capital city of Gamo people, [2]

Gamo language
Ethiopian Orthodox, Traditional African religion, Protestantism

The Gamo contribute much of the fruit including banana, mango, apple and papaya, to the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Their religion is Christianity.


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