Gamma Sigma Sigma

Gamma Sigma Sigma (ΓΣΣ) is a national service sorority founded on October 12, 1952 at Beekman Tower in New York City by representatives of Boston University, Brooklyn College, Drexel Institute of Technology, Los Angeles City College, New York University, Queens College, University of Miami, and the University of Houston. Their intention was to form a nationally based service organization. The purpose of Gamma Sigma Sigma is "to assemble college and university students in the spirit of service to humanity and to develop friendships among students of all races and creeds".

Gamma Sigma Sigma
The official crest of Gamma Sigma Sigma
FoundedOctober 12, 1952; 67 years ago (1952-10-12)
Beekman Tower, New York, N.Y.
MottoUnity in Service
ColorsMaroon      and White     
SymbolShepherd's Crook, Omicron
FlowerWhite Rose
JewelGarnets and Pearls
MascotUnoffically the penguin
Chapters53 active collegiate chapters, 18 active alumni chapters
IdealsService, Friendship and Equality
HeadquartersPO Box 248
Rindge, New Hampshire

Historical backgroundEdit

On October 10–12, 1952, representatives from eight colleges and universities met at Beekman Tower in New York City.

Represented were groups from Boston University, Brooklyn College, Drexel University, Los Angeles City College, University of Miami, New York University, Queens College, and University of Houston. During the weekend, the representatives from these groups decided on the name Gamma Sigma Sigma, the colors of Maroon and White and charters were given to these groups.[1][2] As the group from University of Miami did not commit to membership at the founding meeting, they are not counted as a founding group.

School Original Group Name Assigned Chapter Name
University of Houston Alpha Gamma Chi Alpha
Brooklyn College Booster Squad Beta
Los Angeles City College Alpha Gamma Chi Gamma
New York University Women's Service Organization Delta
Boston University Omega Service Sorority Epsilon
Drexel University Gamma Sigma Sigma Zeta
University of Miami Sigma Lambda Phi[3] Eta [a]
Queens College Phi Gamma Theta

a. ^ Sigma Lambda Phi from University of Miami did not attend the final day of convention. Eta Chapter was reserved for this group. They later joined as Upsilon Chapter in 1958.[4]

About Gamma Sigma SigmaEdit

All chapters, collegiate and alumni, are required to perform a defined number of service hours during the year as set forth in national and chapter bylaws.

Projects range from nationally sponsored causes to individual dedications, and chapters/individuals may be awarded for their efforts. Each member of the organization brings individual talents, skills and ideas to the organization, uniting in the spirit of service.

Each individual University chapter is led by an executive board. The officers of the chapters hold the offices of President, Service Vice President, Membership Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, Public Relations Coordinator, National Representative, and Alumni Liaison, all of whom, except the Parliamentarian, shall be elected by membership. The President shall appoint the Parliamentarian.

At each National Convention, two special project areas are chosen by the delegation for special emphasis during the following biennium. These areas, known as Project I.M.P.A.C.T. (Individuals Making Progress Across Communities Together), encourage participation by all members, and help to establish relations with other national charitable organizations. The current I.M.P.A.C.T. areas are Anti-bullying and Suicide Prevention and Invisible Disabilities and Diseases.

In addition to Project I.M.P.A.C.T. area suggestions and individual chapter projects, Gamma Sigma Sigma, as an organization, partners with charitable organizations to provide a combined, concentrated level of service to the nation. These affiliations are many, though the longest standing partnership is with the national March of Dimes. The sorority's national service partners include: March of Dimes, National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, American Cancer Society, and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.[5]

Chapters/Members participating in special emphasis projects are given recognition for their service through award competitions and certificate presentations.[6]

The governing body of Gamma Sigma Sigma is the National Convention, held biennially in odd-numbered years. The National Board of Directors, elected at each National Convention, coordinates sorority activities in accordance with organizational bylaws and policy. National staff members assist in administrative functions.[1]


Gamma Sigma Sigma is not selective. The sorority does not discriminate based on race, sex, or gender nor do they tolerate hazing in any form. Membership is determined by guidelines set by each chapter, within guidelines set by the national organization and academic institution. These tasks are in direct relationship to both chapter and national service programs. Members-in-training are not required to perform personal services for members, or any activity that can be construed as hazing. Gamma Sigma Sigma also accepts individuals who are members of other organizations, including social sororities, into its membership.

National ConventionsEdit

Number Location Host Theme Dates Woman of the Year Refs
0 Beekman Tower, New York City Organization and Constitutional Oct 10, 1952Oct 12, 1952 [7]
1st Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois Jun 26, 1953Jun 28, 1953 [7][8]
2nd New York City, New York Jun 24, 1955Jun 26, 1955 [7]
3rd Detroit, Michigan Iota chapter Jun 21, 1957Jun 23, 1957 [7]
4th Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Zeta chapter and Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Jun 19, 1959Jun 21, 1959 [7]
5th Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts Epsilon chapter Jun 16, 1961Jun 18, 1961 [7][9][10]
6th University of Maryland, College Park, College Park, Maryland Xi chapter Jun 14, 1963Jun 16, 1963 [7][11]
7th St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota Alpha Beta Jun 18, 1965Jun 20, 1965 [7]
8th Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri Alpha Gamma "Pioneers in Service" Jun 15, 1967Jun 18, 1967 [7]
9th Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida Alpha Kappa "Giving Sunshine" Jun 20, 1969Jun 22, 1969 [7]
10th University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut Nu "Season with Service" Jun 17, 1971Jun 20, 1971 [7]
11th University of Houston, Houston, Texas Alpha and Houston Alumni Chapter "Our Hearts in Service" Jun 14, 1973Jun 17, 1973 Esther Brenner [7]
12th Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana Gamma Omicron and Indianapolis Alumni Colony "Crossroads to Service" Jun 20, 1975Jun 22, 1975 Dolly Melville [7]
13th University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts Alpha Theta "Unity ... Spirit ... Service" Jun 17, 1977Jun 19, 1977 Margaret Kuster [7]
14th University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia Chi and Atlanta Alumni Chapter "Service with a Smile Southern Style" Jun 15, 1979Jun 17, 1979 Dr. Ethel Allen [7]
15th University of Minnesota Duluth, Duluth, Minnesota Alpha Iota and Northern Lakes Region "Seeways to Service" Jun 19, 1981Jun 21, 1981 Margaret E. Kuhn [7]
16th Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky Beta Sigma and Bluegrass Alumni Chapter "Run for the Roses" Jun 17, 1983Jun 19, 1983 JoAnn Verner [7]
17th Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri Delta Xi, Gateway Alumni Chapter, and the Frontier Region "Service: The Finest Frontier" Jun 20, 1985Jun 23, 1985 Sharon Wenz [7]
18th University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware Beta Gamma, Philadelphia Alumni Chapter, Mid-Jersey Shore Alumni Chapter, and District III "First in Service" Jun 11, 1987Jun 14, 1987 Barbara Bush* [7]
19th Rime Garden Inn, Birmingham, Alabama Delta Sigma and District IV "Celebrate Service" Aug 10, 1989Aug 19, 1989 Mae Jemison* [7]
20th Sheraton AirportCharlotte, North Carolina District II "Magic of Service" Aug 8, 1991Jun 11, 1991 P. Buckley Moss [7]
21st Grand Milwaukee Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin District I "Servicefest '93" Aug 12, 1993Aug 15, 1993 Pat Mitchell* aka "Auntie Litter" [7]
22nd Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland District III "Star Spangled Service" Jul 6, 1995Jul 9, 1995 Ellen Q. Ahlgren* [7]
23rd Wyndham Greenspoint Hotel, Houston Texas District IV "Discover the Spirit" Jul 3, 1997Jul 6, 1997 Patty Wetterling* [7][9]
24th Crown Plaza Hotel-Powers Ferry, Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta Alumni Chapter "Service on My Mind" Jul 9, 1999Jul 11, 1999 Karolyn Nunnallee* [7][9]
25th Greenville Hilton, Greenville, North Carolina Delta Chi "Guiding Service through the New Millennium" Jul 19, 2001Jul 21, 2001 Beatrice Gaddy [7]
26th Headquarters Plaza Hotel, Morristown, New Jersey "Pride in our Past, Faith in our Future" Jul 10, 2003Jul 13, 2003 Amy Callahan [7]
27th Embassy Suites Hotes Cleveland-Rockside, Cleveland, Ohio "Service Rocks" Jul 6, 2005Jul 10, 2005 Barbara Irvine[12] [13]
28th Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, Lincolnshire, Illinois "Spotlight on Service"[14] Jul 11, 2007Jul 15, 2007 Liz Scott, Mother of Alex Scott (Alex's Lemonade Stand)[14] [15]
29th Fort Lauderdale, Florida "Destination: Service" Jul 9, 2009Jul 11, 2009 Ann McGee (Miracle Flights for Kids)[16]
30th Westin Washington Dulles, Herndon, Virginia "Capitalizing on Service" Jul 13, 2011Jul 17, 2011 Enitan Doherty-Mason[16]
31st Crown Plaza Clayton, St. Louis, Missouri "Meet Me In Service" Jul 17, 2013July 23, 2013 Paula Goldberg [17]
32nd Nashville Airport Marriott, Nashville, Tennessee "Service: Music To My Ears" Jul 8, 2015July 12, 2015 Carrie Newcomer
33rd Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "iServe" July 5, 2017July 9, 2017 Viney Mosley [19]
34th TBA, New Orleans, Louisiana "TBA" July 17, 2019July 21, 2019 TBD
  • The Woman of the Year also receives National Honorary membership.

Active Chapters and ColoniesEdit

The currently Active Chapters and Colonies (both Collegiate and Alumni) as of July 21, 2018[20]

Current Active Collegiate Chapters and ColoniesEdit

Active Alumni Chapters and ColoniesEdit

(as of 7/21/2018)

  • Atlanta Metropolitan Alumni Chapter- Georgia
  • Bluegrass Alumni Chapter - Kentucky
  • Bi-Coastal Alumni Chapter - Longwood/Daytona, Florida
  • Cherry Blossom Alumni Reactivating Chapter - Washington D.C.
  • Delaware Diamonds Alumni - Delaware
  • First Coast Alumni Chapter- Jacksonville, FL
  • Gateway Alumni Chapter (reactivating) - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Gemini Alumni Chapter – Philadelphia/Tri State Area, Pennsylvania
  • Greater Atlanta Alumni - Georgia
  • Greater Baltimore Alumni Chapter - Maryland
  • Greater Jacksonville Alumni Chapter - Jacksonville, FL
  • Greater New England Alumni Chapter - Vermont/New Hampshire/Massachusetts
  • Houston-Bayou City Alumni Chapter - Texas
  • Lone Star Alumni Chapter - Dallas, Texas
  • Mid-Jersey Shore Alumni Chapter - New Jersey
  • Nutmeg Alumni Chapter - Connecticut
  • Omicron Alumni Chapter - Tallahassee, Florida
  • Phenomenal Pearls Alumni Chapter - Frisco, Texas
  • Philadelphia Alumni Chapter - Pennsylvania
  • Pine Tree Chapter* - Passadumkeag, Maine
  • River Region Garnets and Pearls Alumni Chapter - Montgomery, Alabama
  • Serenity Rose Alumni - Houston, Texas
  • Southern Pearls Alumni Chapter Houston, Texas
  • Steel City Alumni Chapter - Pittsburgh, PA and western PA
  • Sunshine State Alumni Chapter - Southern Daytona Beach, FL
  • Twin Cities Alumni Chapter - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Yellow Rose Alumni Chapter - Houston, Texas
  • White Rose Alumni Chapter - Nashville, Tennessee
  • Tarheel State Alumni Chapter - Durham, North Carolina
  • Tri-State Alumni - Roslyn, New York
  • Lebanon Valley Alumni - Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

Notable alumniEdit

National Honorary Members

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