Galindo Aznárez I

Galindo Aznárez I (died 867) was Count of Aragón from 844 to 867.


Galindo was the son of Aznar Galíndez I (and his wife, a woman of unknown name), who had been Count of Aragón from 809 to 820, when a practical joke played by Galindo on his brother-in-law García Galíndez led the latter to enlist the support of the Pamplona in usurping the county.

Aznar was compensated by French king Louis the Pious with the counties of Urgell, Cerdanya, and Conflent. Galindo received these counties from his father sometime before 833, in which year he usurped the counties of Pallars and Ribagorza. For this action he was dispossessed of Urgell and Cerdagne by Louis in 834, and was subsequently ejected from Pallars and Ribagorza by the Counts of Toulouse. Upon the heirless death in 844 of count Galindo Garcés, son of his father's rival, Galindo was allowed to assume the countship of Aragón in exchange for recognition of the suzerainty of Pamplona over the formerly-French county.

Personal lifeEdit

Galindo Aznárez and an unknown woman had a son, Aznar Galíndez II, his successor. He appears to have had at least one additional child: an 867 charter mentions a son-in-law, "king Sancho", whom several scholars have identified with the younger son of García Íñiguez of Pamplona, Sancho Garcés, father of Aznar Sánchez of Larraun and grandfather of queen Toda of Pamplona.[1][2]

Count Galindo donated money to the Abbey of San Pedro de Siresa.[3][4]


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Preceded by
Aznar Galíndez I
Count of Urgell
Succeeded by
Sunifred I
Count of Cerdanya
Preceded by
Galindo Garcés
Count of Aragon
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Aznar Galíndez II