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Galguduud (Somali: Galgaduud, Arabic: جلجدود‎, Italian: Galgudud or Ghelgudud) is an administrative region (gobol) in central Galmudug state of Somalia.[3] Its administrative capital is Dusmareb.


Galgudud, Ghelgudud
Guriceel District countryside
Guriceel District countryside
Location in central Somalia
Location in central Somalia
Coordinates: 5°20′13″N 46°37′13″E / 5.33694°N 46.62028°E / 5.33694; 46.62028Coordinates: 5°20′13″N 46°37′13″E / 5.33694°N 46.62028°E / 5.33694; 46.62028
Country Somalia
Regional State Galmudug
 • GovernorAhmadnur Ali Jimale
 • Total800,000[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
HDI (2017)0.270[2]
low · 17th


Galguduud is bordered by Ethiopia, the Somali regions of Mudug; Hiran, Middle Shebelle (Shabeellaha Dhexe), and the Somali Sea.

Galguduud's capital is Dusmareb.

The region of Galgaduud and southern half of Mudug have formed the Galmudug State, which considers itself an autonomous state within the larger Federal Republic of Somalia, as defined by the provisional constitution of Somalia.[4]


Major townsEdit

The largest towns within the ten districts of the Galguduud region are:

Small townsEdit


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