Galactic 06 was a crewed sub-orbital spaceflight of the SpaceShipTwo-class VSS Unity, which launched on 26 January 2024. It was the sixth commercial spaceflight and eleventh overall spaceflight for American aerospace company Virgin Galactic.[1][2]

Galactic 06
Galactic 06 landing at Spaceport America
Mission typeCrewed sub-orbital spaceflight
OperatorVirgin Galactic
Apogee88.8 km (55.2 mi)
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftVSS Unity
Spacecraft typeSpaceShipTwo
ManufacturerThe Spaceship Company
Crew size6
MembersCJ Sturckow
Nicola Pecile
Lina Borozdina
Robie Vaughn
Franz Haider
Neil Kornswiet
Start of mission
Launch date26 January 2024, 17:00 UTC
Launch siteSpaceport America Runway 34
Deployed fromVMS Eve
End of mission
Landing date26 January 2024, 17:56 UTC
Landing siteSpaceport America Runway 34

Galactic 06 mission patch  



Galactic 06's crew included four private passengers and two Virgin Galactic employees. First mission without an astronaut instructor on board. Franz Haider became the second Austrian citizen in space after Franz Viehböck, while Lina Borozdina became the first Ukrainian woman in space.[3]

Position Crew
Commander   CJ Sturckow
Tenth spaceflight
Pilot   Nicola Pecile
Third spaceflight
Tourist  /  Lina Borozdina
First spaceflight
Tourist   Robie Vaughn
First spaceflight
Tourist   Franz Haider
First spaceflight
Tourist   Neil Kornswiet
First spaceflight


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