Gala (magazine)

Gala is a French language weekly celebrity and gossip magazine[1][2] published in Paris, France. The magazine also has international editions in various languages.

Editor-in-chiefJuliette Serfati
CategoriesWomen's magazine
Celebrity magazine
Circulation158,817 (2020)
PublisherPrisma Media
Year founded1993; 29 years ago (1993)
Based inParis
LanguageFrench, German Greek and Polish

History and profileEdit

Gala was first published in 1993.[3][4] The magazine is published by Prisma Media on a weekly basis.[5][6] The headquarters of the weekly is in Paris.[6][7] The editor-in-chief is Juliette Serfati.[7] The magazine provides news on significant figures from entertainment, fashion and society and targets women.[5]

Gala has five editions.[8] The magazine is published in German, Greek, and Polish languages.[9] The German edition of Gala was established in 1994 and is published weekly.[8]

Gala had a circulation of 264,000 copies in France in 2010.[10] In the period of 2013-2014 the circulation of the magazine was 234,175 copies.[5]


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