Galáctico Pegaso

Galáctico Pegaso was a Spanish football team based in Tres Cantos, in the autonomous Community of Madrid. Founded in 1962 and dissolved in 2010, it held home games at Estadio La Foresta, with a capacity of 2,000 seats.

Galáctico Pegaso
Galáctico Pegaso.png
Full nameGaláctico Pegaso
GroundLa Foresta, Tres Cantos,
Madrid, Spain
2009–103ª - Group 7, 20th


In 1962, Pegaso company, founded Club Deportivo Pegaso', with the club fluctuating between the regional leagues and Tercera División in the first 16 years of existence. In 1977, Segunda División B had been created as the new third level and, after two seasons in that category, it returned to Tercera - now division four - for a further nine years.

In the late 1980s/early 1990s, the team played three more seasons in the third division, spending the remaining years in the fourth. In the 2000, the team was moved to Tres Cantos in the Community of Madrid, merging with Club Deportivo Tres Cantos two years later, and being renamed Pegaso Tres Cantos.

In 2004, another name change, with the club being renamed Sección de Acción Deportiva Tres Cantos Pegaso. Three years later, after a merge with Tornado Tres Cantos, the latter acted as its reserve team for one year.

Subsequently, the team became the property of Stars2007 Group S.L., changing names again, now to Galáctico Pegaso. In May 2010, after losing the company's support, the club was merged with Club Deportivo Islas to form UD Tres Cantos Islas.[1][2]

Club backgroundEdit

  • Club Deportivo Pegaso - (1962–2002)
  • Pegaso Tres Cantos - (2002–04)
  • Sección de Acción Deportiva Tres Cantos Pegaso - (2004–08)
  • Galáctico Pegaso - (2008–10)
CD Pegaso Tres Cantos club logo

Season to seasonEdit

Season Division Place Copa del Rey
from 63-64 Regional
to 66-67 Regional
1967/68 8th
1968/69 11th
1969/70 11th
1970/71 Regional
1971/72 Regional
1972/73 6th
1973/74 12th
1974/75 9th
1975/76 11th
1976/77 3rd
1977/78 2ªB 15th
1978/79 2ªB 19th
1979/80 6th
1980/81 13th
1981/82 5th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1982/83 4th
1983/84 1st
1984/85 13th
1985/86 9th
1986/87 2nd
1987/88 1st
1988/89 2ªB 9th
1989/90 2ªB 16th
1990/91 2ªB 17th
1991/92 9th
1992/93 17th
1993/94 12th
1994/95 5th
1995/96 12th
1996/97 8th
1997/98 11th
1998/99 15th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1999/00 13th
2000/01 15th
2001/02 15th
2002/03 15th
2003/04 2nd
2004/05 6th
2005/06 6th
2006/07 17th
2007/08 Preferente 1st
2008/09 16th
2009/10 20th

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