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Gaetano Greco (c. 1657 – c. 1728) was an Italian Baroque composer. He was the younger brother of Rocco Greco ( c.1650 - before 1718). Both brothers were trained at, and later taught at the Poveri di Gesu` Cristo conservatory in Naples. Gaetano Greco's teachers included Giovanni Salvatore and Gennaro Ursino, and possibly Francesco Provenzale.[1]It is also possible that he studied with Alessandro Scarlatti. Leonardo Vinci, Giuseppe Porsile, Nicola Porpora, and Domenico Scarlatti (perhaps also Giovanni Battista Pergolesi) were among his pupils. His successor at the conservatory was Francesco Durante.

Works, editions and recordingsEdit

  • Tuoni ecclesiastici con li loro versetti


  1. ^ Dinko Fabris Music in seventeenth-century Naples: Francesco Provenzale (1624-1704) p230 2007 "Gaetano's teachers were Giovanni Salvatore and Gennaro Ursino, but it is plausible that Greco also studied with Francesco Provenzale: the contract with the Eletti della Fedelissima Citta in 1701 is typical of a teacher-pupil ..."

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