Gadong A, Brunei-Muara

Gadong 'A' is a mukim (subdistrict) in Brunei-Muara District of Brunei.

Gadong 'A'
Mukim Gadong 'A'


The mukim is bounded by the South China Sea to the north, as well as the mukims of Berakas 'A' to the east, Gadong 'B' to the south and Sengkurong to the west.


Gadong 'A' is designated as a mukim, the second-level administrative division of Brunei. It is one of the subdivisions of Brunei-Muara District. The mukim is subdivided into villages, the third- and lowest-level subdivisions of the country and they make up the settlements of Katok, Rimba and Tungku. The villages include the following:[1]

Generally, the community of each village subdivision is heade by a ketua kampung or village head. It is also serves the smallest population census by territory. All of the subdivisions are also designated postcode areas, thus have their own postcodes.

Other locationsEdit

Other locations within the mukim include:

  • Pantai Tungku

Note: Some of the coastline of Mukim Gadong 'A' has been modified and added with 'land extensions' towards the sea of various shapes and sizes, especially near the surroundings of Pantai Tungku. There are also some small, man-made islands made of rocks and sand with some trees planted on them.

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Coordinates: 4°31′34″N 114°37′09″E / 4.5262°N 114.6193°E / 4.5262; 114.6193