Gacka is a river located in the Lika region in central Croatia. Because for a large part of its course it is a subterranean river, estimates on its length vary. The overground part has undergone substantial human intervention - before it was 32 kilometres (20 miles) long; now it is only 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) long.[1] It has been regulated by man to flow into an aqueduct in Gusić polje (known as Tunel Gacka-Gusić Jezero[2]) and then into the Adriatic Sea through a hydroelectric installation HE Senj near Sveti Juraj.[1] HE Senj takes inflow from Gacka and Lika, since it was built in 1965.[3][4] The river passes through karst fields and most notably the town Otočac, and its headwaters are known as a popular locale for trout fishing.[5][6]

Majerovo vrilo, a source of Gacka River


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Coordinates: 44°53′53″N 15°06′07″E / 44.89806°N 15.10194°E / 44.89806; 15.10194