Gabriele Wohmann

Gabriele Wohmann (née Guyot; May 21, 1932 – June 22, 2015) was a German novelist, and short story writer.[1][2]

Gabriele Wohmann
Gabriele Wohmann.jpg
Gabriele Wohmann in 1992
Born(1932-05-21)21 May 1932
Darmstadt, Germany
Died(2015-06-22)22 June 2015
Darmstadt, Germany


Wohmann was born in Darmstadt. She attended the Nordseepädagogium on the island Langeoog as a boarding school. She studied at Frankfurt am Main from 1951 to 1953. She then worked as a teacher at her former school to Langeoog, at a community college, and a business school. In 1953, she married Reiner Wohmann. She lived as a freelance writer in Darmstadt since 1956.[citation needed] Wohmann died on June 23, 2015, after struggling for a long time with serious illness in the place of her birth, Darmstadt.[3]


Wohmann authored short stories, novels, poems, radio plays, television plays, and essays. She attended meetings of the Group 47. She was a member of the Berlin Academy of Arts since 1975, and the German Academy for Language and Literature in Darmstadt since 1980. She was a member of the PEN Centre of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1960 to 1988.


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  • Das Glücksspiel, Luchterhand, Darmstadt/Neuwied, 1981
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  • Aber das war noch nicht das Schlimmste, Piper, München, 1995
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  • Abschied von der Schwester, Pendo, Zürich/München, 2001
  • Schön und gut, Piper, München, 2002
  • Hol mich einfach ab, Piper, München, 2003

Works in EnglishEdit

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