Gabriel (amplifiers)

Gabriel was an American manufacturer of boutique[1] guitar amplifiers. Founded by former Romanian, now American citizen Gabriel Bucataru[2] in 2005,[3] the company produced expensive, hand-built, all-tube amplifiers that have earned praise from professional reviewers--Vintage Guitar hailed the "impeccable built quality" and the "high end/high quality vibe" of the Voxer 33,[4] and Guitar Player called the Voxer 18 "ultra-rich" and "with more versatility than many vintage amps can muster."[5]
In 2014 they announced that they have stopped all production.[6]


  • Voxer 18, a two-channel 18-watt amplifier available as combo and as head (with a 2x12" cabinet).[2] Channel one utilizes a 12AX7 for a Marshall-type sound, and channel two an EF86 for a Vox-type sound.[5] The amp is also available in a "lite" version, with only the EF86 channel.[7]
  • Voxer 33, a two-channel 33-watt amplifier available as a head, or as a 1x12" or 2x12" combo.[4]

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