Gaayam (transl. The Wound) is a 1993 Indian Telugu-language political thriller film, based on the 1980s Vijayawada Gang Warfare. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, and story co-written by himself and Mani Ratnam, it stars Jagapathi Babu, Revathi, Urmila Matondkar and music composed by Sri.[1] Upon its release, the film won six state Nandi Awards in 1993.

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Directed byRam Gopal Varma
Written byPosani Krishna Murali (dialogues)
Screenplay byRam Gopal Varma
Story byRam Gopal Varma
Mani Ratnam
Produced byYarllagada Surendra
StarringJagapathi Babu
Urmila Matondkar
CinematographyRasool Ellore
Edited byShankar
Music bySri
S. S. Creations
Release date
  • 22 April 1993 (1993-04-22)
Running time
136 minutes


Durga (Jagapathi Babu) is in love with Anitha (Revathi) a Journalism student and an Idealist. She accepts to marry him on the conditions that he should not support and take path of his brother's life. Later he is all set to marry her and settle down in life, but things change when his brother Mohana Krishna (Charan Raj) is killed by Guru Narayan (Kota Srinivasa Rao), the local MLA aspirant and a Corporator through Sarkar (Raami Reddy) because he is the only obstacle for his aspirations. Later was arrested to coverup the situation. Then to avenge his brother's death Durga takes over the gang and kills Guru narayana's main assailants who was involved in the murder and he gets back the control over the city again with his iron fist and he leaves Guru Narayana because in the meantime he became an MLA whose the party in Government so decided to wait for a chance to kill him. After knowing this Anitha does not approve of his way because of his rationalist thoughts and breaks up with him. Later she marries an Inspector named Bharadwaj (Shiva Krishna) who is also an Idealist like her.

Later Durga became a crime lord in the city like his brother and started focusing on his political career. Meanwhile, Durga's cousin Chitra (Urmila Matondkar) a student who has one side feelings on Durga and supports his every way. Anitha now became a journalist who is well known for her sincerity in her circles and always openly opposes on the Durga's ideology. Then Bharadwaj tries to arrest Durga and Guru Narayana in Many ways but to no avail.

Later to stop Durga,Guru Narayana uses his influence and releases Sarkar from jail. Then the power game has started between the gangs. Sarkar attacks on Durga in the film theater which leads to kill so many people. It makes Anitha feels sad and decided to cover the entire incident. In this process she meets Durga and tries to mend his ways but she understands that it is a useless thing to tell him. Later she confess her past relationship with Durga to Bharadwaj.

Later Anitha comes to take an interview of Guru Narayana regarding the attack on Durga. Meanwhile, Durga chases Sarkar and he escapes successfully while observing Inspector Bharadwaj, Durga alerts his men to leave and Sarkar enters the house of Guru Narayana in front of Anitha and Bharadwaj also chases Sarkar and reach out the same place Guru Narayana tries to cover up the incident which makes Bharadwaj angry and slaps him in front of everyone. Later Anitha reports the entire incident to the editor on her news paper. The editor turns out the Guru Narayana's men and gives all the report to him.

Later Guru Narayana now a Chief Minister aspirant and on the side of Non-aligned group in the government itself, decided to break the government creates religious riots in the city makes a leaving hell and he also planned for a bomb attack on himself for gaining sympathy in the city on Ganesh Nimerjan for his aspirations. To stop Durga he falsely imprisoned for making accused on a murder of a spoilt student who once Durga had bashed him up for raping a girl and responsible for her suicide and he also arranges Bharadwaj to give a duty on the time of Ganesh Nimerjan.

Later Guru Narayana calls Anitha and announces to kill her husband in the riots no other option left she came up for the help of Durga. However Durga bails out and decided to stop him then a fight ensues between the Sarkar and Durga. Bharadwaj had successfully escapes and tries to stop them. Meanwhile, Guru Narayana also enters the hideout to execute the plan, finally the bomb explodes in a safe distance area without harming people in the Sarkar died in the explosion and brutally injured by Guru Narayana later he was arrested for his actions.

Finally the film ends with Anitha thanked Durga and Durga decided to take path on Anitha's.



Soundtrack album by
LabelSURYA Audio

Music composed by Sri. Lyrics were penned by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. Music released on Surya Audio Company. Sound designed by Nivas

1."Nizam Pori"Mano, Chitra, Eeswar5:20
2."Niggadeesi Adugu"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam2:06
3."Alupannadi Unda"Chitra5:41
4."Swarajyam Endukani"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam4:56
5."Cheli Mida Chitikedu"Mano,Chitra6:59
Total length:25:45


Nandi Awards[2]


After the film's success, Ram Gopal Varma and Jagapathi Babu planned to release a sequel titled Gaayam 2. Ram Gopal Varma was the producer in the sequel while Praveen Sri was the director. Vimala Raman was the heroine as Kota Srinivasa Rao again plays as the antagonist.


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