G Data CyberDefense

G Data CyberDefense AG (until September 2019 G Data Software AG[2][3]) is a German software company that focuses on computer security. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Bochum. They are known for being the creators of the world's first antivirus software.[4] G Data use multiple scanning engines; one is developed in-house and the other is the Bitdefender engine. G Data provides several security products that are targeted at home and business markets. The company has a North American subsidiary located in Newark, Delaware.[5]

G DATA CyberDefense AG
IndustryComputer software
Key people
Kai Figge
Andreas Lüning
ProductsAntivirus software
Revenue€42 million(2017)
Number of employees
500 [1]


G Data was founded in Bochum, Germany in 1985. The company introduced its first computer security product Anti-Virus Kit (AVK) in 1988 for Atari ST.[6]

Beside focus on the security market, G Data also created software for voice recognition (Invox)[7] and speech synthesis (Logox).[8]

G Data computer security products use two scan-engines, originally by Avast and Bitdefender.[9] The 2014 release introduced their own scan-engine (CloseGap), which replaced Avast.[10] However, the upgrade to new version was not painless, as users of weaker computers experienced system slowdowns. The company promptly solved this issue by an update.[11]

In September 2015, G Data launched a new messaging app called Secure Chat which used the Signal Protocol.[12] The application was based on a fork of Signal and its source code was published under the GPLv3 license.[13] G Data discontinued the service in May 2018.[14]


Some of the features that G Data's solutions[which?] support are:[15]


  • Home Security
  • AntiVirus
  • InternetSecurity
  • TotalSecurity
  • AntiVirus for Mac
  • Business Security
  • AntiVirus Business
  • AntiVirus Enterprise
  • ClientSecurity Business
  • ClientSecurity Enterprise
  • EndpointProtection Business
  • EndpointProtection Enterprise
  • MailSecurity
  • PatchManagement
  • Mobile Security

Awards and testsEdit

  • av-comparatives.org
  • Gold award for highest detection rate of products tested (99.7%)[17]
  • Gold award for highest proactive detection rate of new/unknown malware (~61%, with 20 false positives)[18]
  • IPACSO Innovation Framework for ICT-Security
  • Innovative Cyber Security Company[19]

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