GS Group

GS Group is a South Korean conglomerate. GS comprises GS Holdings, subsidiaries & affiliates including GS Caltex, GS Retail, GS Shop, GS EPS, GS Global, GS Sports and GS E&C among others. The asset size is 65.4 trillion KRW at the end of 2019 placing GS as the 8th largest chaebol in Korea excluding the public business companies.

GS Holdings
TypePublic (traded on the Korea Stock Exchange)
KRX: 078930
IndustryEnergy, Retail, Construction, Sports
Founded2005; 16 years ago (2005)
Area served
Key people
Huh Tae-soo
GS Group
Revised RomanizationGS Holdingseu (Ju)
McCune–ReischauerGS Holdingsŭ (Chu)

GS Holdings was incorporated in July 2004[1] and officially split from LG Group in January 2005, with the Koo family gaining full control over LG Group and the Huh family creating GS Holdings.[2]

In December 2005, the company acquired 70% of the shares of GS EPS Co., Ltd. (formerly LG Energy Co., Ltd.) from GS E&C Corporation and LG International Corp.

The Koo family retained control of the LG Group while the Huh family formed GS Holdings. Convenience stores, and other retail companies which formerly operated under the LG logo were rebranded as "GS", which, like "LG", comes from the old name, Lucky-Goldstar.


The subsidiaries of GS Holdings are as follows:[3]

Energy and PowerEdit

  • GS Bio
  • GS EcoMetal
  • GS Mbiz
  • Inno Polytech
  • Sangji Shipping
  • GS Energy
  • Boryeong LNG Terminal
  • GS Power
  • Incheon Total Energy Company
  • GS EPS
  • GS E&R
  • GS Donghae Electric Power
  • GS Pocheon CHP
  • GS Yeongyang Windpower

Retail and TradeEdit

  • GS Global
  • GS Entec
  • PLS
  • GS Retail
  • GS25
  • GS Netvision
  • GS Park 24
  • Parnas Hotel

Construction and ServiceEdit

  • GS E&C
  • BSM
  • GCS Plus
  • Xi S&D
  • Zeit O&M
  • GS Sports

GS E&CEdit

GS Engineering & Construction Corp
TypePublic (traded on the Korea Stock Exchange
KRX: 006360
IndustryEngineering,Procurement & Construction
Area served
Key people
Huh Chang-soo

GS E&C is a Korea-based global EPC contractor having wide range of experience in refineries, gas and petrochemical plants providing design and construction services.

It has been engaged in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, housing, plant, environment, and power plant across the globe. It operates through Civil Works, Architectural Construction & Housing, Plant Construction, Power, Hotel, and other segments.

The company has been working as an engineering-procurement-construction contractor working in the fields of oil, gas, and petrochemical projects; designs and environmental facilities (sewage system maintenance, and sewage and wastewater treatment; building industrial incineration facilities). It provides solution for providing EPC and commissioning of thermal and combined cycle power plant projects; and combined heat power and district heating plants, as well as nuclear power projects.[4]

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