GP Wolber

The GP Wolber was a French cycling event in the 1920s. It was considered a kind of unofficial World Championship. Only cyclists who finished in the top-3 of the major French, Italian, Belgian and Swiss races were invited. The first GP Wolber was held in 1922. When the World Cycling Championship was introduced in 1927 the race started to lose prestige. The race ran until at least 1939.

GP Wolber
Race details
DateLate September/early October
(1930 and 1931 in June)
TypeOne-day race
First edition1922 (1922)
Final edition1939 or later
First winner Heiri Suter (SUI)
Most wins Heiri Suter (SUI)
Final winner Romain Gijssels (BEL)


Year Rider
1922   Heiri Suter (SUI)
1923   Emile Masson Sr. (BEL)
1924   Costante Girardengo (ITA)
1925   Heiri Suter (SUI)
1926   Francis Pélissier (FRA)
1927   Alleluia Team[1]
1928   Julien Vervaecke (BEL)
1929   Alfred Hamerlinck (BEL)
1930   Georges Ronsse (BEL)
1931   Romain Gijssels (BEL)
1939   Victor Codron (FRA)


  1. ^ In 1927, the GP Wolber was run as a team race. The Alleluia Team consisted of Antonin Magne, Pierre Magne, Julien Moineau, Marius Gallotini, Arsène Alancourt and André Cauet.)