GM T platform (1973)

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1978 Chevrolet Chevette

The General Motors T-car was a platform designation for a worldwide series of rear-wheel drive, unibody subcompact cars. It was GM's first attempt to develop a small car to be sold internationally with engineering assistance from Isuzu Motors of Japan, and GM's Opel Division of Germany. GM's European Divisions Vauxhall, Opel, and Australian Division Holden were already producing small vehicles for their respective local markets, but subcompact car production wasn't being done by GM in North America until the introduction of the Vega earlier. Subcompacts from international divisions were being offered in North America as captive imports.

The platform was superseded by GM T platform (FWD).

List of GM T-cars (rear-wheel drive)Edit

Body styles; (1) Coupe; (2) 2-door sedan (B11); (3) 3-door hatchback (B08); (4) 4-door sedan (B69); (5) 5-door hatchback (B68) (wheelbase 2in. longer than the others); (w) 3-door wagon(B15); (t) Pickup truck (v) Sedan delivery (B70) (Panel Van).


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