General Motors L platform

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The General Motors L platform (commonly called the L-body or L car) was a front-wheel drive compact car automotive platform that was produced from 1987 through 1996.

GM L platform
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1994 Chevrolet Beretta Z26
ManufacturerGeneral Motors
Also calledL-body
L car
Body and chassis
ClassCompact (C) platform
LayoutFF layout
Body style(s)2-door coupe
4-door sedan
5-door hatchback
VehiclesChevrolet Beretta
Chevrolet Corsica
Pontiac Tempest
RelatedGM N platform
GM J platform
Engine(s)122 I4
Quad-4 I4
60° V6
Transmission(s)3-speed 3T40 automatic
4-speed 4T40-E automatic
4-speed 4T60-E automatic
5-speed Getrag 282 manual
Wheelbase103.4 in (2,626 mm)
PredecessorGM X platform (FWD)
Successor2nd generation GM N Platform

The L platform was very similar to the GM N platform however the 1st generation N cars were engineered by Oldsmobile while the L cars were engineered by Chevrolet. The L platform used a Twist-beam rear suspension and MacPherson struts in front and featured a 103.4 in (263 cm) wheelbase.

Both platforms were used to replace the GM X platform on which the Citation, among others, were built.

Canadian Pontiac TempestEdit

Pontiac sold their own version of the L-Body in Canada only. It was marketed as the Tempest from 1987 to 1991. This model featured a unique grill and tail lamps (which were later used on the updated Corsica). This model was dropped following the 1991 model with due to the introduction of the new 1992 Grand Am sedan. Previously the Grand Am sedan had not been offered for sale in the Canadian market.

The L car lasted just one generation, with the nameplates being retired and replaced by the GM N platform Chevrolet Malibu.

This platform was the basis for the following vehicles: