GJB 5860-2006 (Chinese: 国家军用标准 5860-2006; pinyin: Guo-jia Jun-yong 5860-2006; literally: 'National Military Standard 5860-2006') is a Chinese military technical standard describing a vertical launching system (VLS) for all types of missiles aboard surface combatants.[1]

Cells have a square crosssection with 850 millimetres (33 in) sides, and may be 9 m (30 ft), 7 m (23 ft), or 3.3 m (11 ft) deep. Each cell carries one missile; the shortest cell may carry four missiles. Hot and cold launches are supported; hot launching uses the concentric canister launch (CCL) approach with exhaust vents within each launch cell.[1]

The first operational implementation is believed to be the VLS aboard the People's Liberation Army Navy's Type 052D destroyer.[2]

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