The Groningen Student Rowing Club Aegir (Dutch: Groninger Studenten Roeivereniging Aegir) (GSR Aegir) is a Dutch rowing club, founded 7 February 1878 as a subsidiary organization of Vindicat atque Polit, a Groningen Student Corporation. GSR Aegir is located at the Winschoterdiep, and, as of 2023 has approximately 900 members.

Groningen Student Rowing Club Aegir
Red Star from GSR AEGIR
Image showing the rowing club's blade colours
LocationWinschoterdiep, Groningen, The Netherlands
Founded7 February 1878 (7 February 1878)
Membership~ 900
AffiliationsGroninger Studentencorps Vindicat atque Polit
The Varsity

Aegir has won The Varsity, a student rowing event of The Netherlands modelled on the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, a total of 6 times.

For the 1972 Summer Olympics GSR Aegir provided the whole crew for the Dutch eight. In recent years Aegir rower Reinder Lubbers was part of the Olympic Crew.

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GSR Aegir organises a few rowing events each year:

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Year Races won
1970 Ladies' Challenge Plate

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