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Fun & Serious Game Festival

Fun & Serious Game Festival is a video game festival that takes place, in Bilbao, Spain, from late November to the beginning of December since its foundation in 2011.[1] Its main objective is to recognize the cultural importance of video games. To do so, several leisure and training activities are celebrated, such as the VIT Talks and the Fun & Serious Awards.[2]

Fun & Serious Game Festival
TypeVideo games event
Key people
Alfonso Gómez Aguirre (Director)

The Fun & Serious Game Festival has the support of the Basque Regional Government - SPRI, the city hall of Bilbao and Vizcaya's Porvincial Council. Besides, it is sponsored by the newspaper 'El Correo'. Among the strategic partners of this event relevant brands from the sector can be found, such as Microsoft, PlayStation and Ubisoft. The Spanish Association of video games (AEVI) also collaborates with the Festival.

The Festival concludes with the Titanium Awards gala for the best video games of the year. [3] In 2015, the Titanium Award was presented for the first time at the festival. This award changed its name and design, in reference to the titanium, a metal that represents the transition experimented in the city of Bilbao. In 2016, the total number of assistants was of 25000 people.[4]

In 2018, by its eighth edition, the festival changed its location, moving to the Bilbao Exhibition Centre of Baracaldo, in order to increase the habitual capacity. [5] In 2019 the IX edition will take place, between the 6th and 9th of December, where Yōko Shimomura will be awarded with the Titanium award for her input in the video games' music world. Furthermore, the compositor will impart a talk in the VIT Talks of this festival.[6]



The first ceremony for the Titanium Awards was celebrated on November the 8th, 2011, at the Campos Eliseos Theater and it was presented by Patricia Conde and Alex Odogherty.[7]

Category Winner
Game of the year (European) Battlefield 3[8]
Game of the year (Non-European) Uncharted 3: Drake's deception[9]


Category Winner
Game of the year Halo 4[10]


Category Winner
Game of the year GTA V[11]


Category Winner
Game of the year Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor[12]


Category Winner
Bizkaia Award Alexey Pajitnov[13]
Vanguard Award Tim Schafer[14]
Honorific Award James Armstrong[15]
Game of the year The Witcher:Wild Hunt


The ceremony took place at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao and was presented by the actress Itziar Atienza and the journalist Toni Garrido. The awards were handed by Ed Vaizey, the basketball player Alex Mumbrú and the comedian Hovik Keuchkerian.[16]

Category Winner
Bizkaia Award Yuji Naka[17]
Vanguard Award Harvey Smith[18]
Honorific Award Warren Spector[19]
Game of the year Uncharted 4: A Thief's End[20]


The ceremony was held in the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao and was presented by the journalist Iñaki López and the actress Itziar Atienza.[21]

Category Winner
Bizkaia Award John Romero[22]
Honorific Award Jordan Mechner[22]
Vanguard Award Jeff Kaplan[22]
Game of the year The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild[23]


Category Winner
Bizkaia Award Fumito Ueda [24]
Honorific Award Brenda Romero[25]
Pioneer Award Jade Raymond [26]
Game of the year Red Dead Redemption 2


Category Winner
Bizkaia Award Tim Willits[27]
Vanguard Award Bruce Straley[28]
Pioneer Award Yōko Shimomura[29]
Honorific Award Greg Street[30]
Game of the year Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order[31]


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