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Full Circle: The Photographs

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Full Circle – The Photographs is a large coffee-table style book containing pictures taken by Basil Pao, who was the stills photographer on the team that made the Full Circle with Michael Palin TV program for the BBC.

Full Circle - The Photographs
Hardcover first edition, 1997, BBC Books
AuthorBasil Pao
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreTravel photography
PublisherBBC Books
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback)

Michael Palin's name is prominently displayed on the cover, and he has contributed a two-page Introduction.

The rest of the book consists of Basil Pao's photographs, each with a short text indicating what the picture is about and where it was taken. Some of the pictures are displayed as impressive two-page spreads.

Unlike the other three photography books made by Basil Pao in connection with the Michael Palin trips, this one does not present the pictures in chronological order. Instead, there is a 40-page section simply called "Land", and a 130-page section simply called "People". Within each section it appears that Basil Pao choose pictures with similar or contrasting subjects to place together.

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