Fukusaki Station

Fukusaki Station (福崎駅, Fukusaki-eki) is a railway station in Fukusaki, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan,[1][2] operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

Fukusaki Station

LocationFukusaki, Hyōgo Prefecture
Coordinates34°57′40″N 134°45′04″E / 34.961066°N 134.751042°E / 34.961066; 134.751042Coordinates: 34°57′40″N 134°45′04″E / 34.961066°N 134.751042°E / 34.961066; 134.751042
Operated byJR logo (west).svg JR West
Line(s) J  Bantan Line
Platforms1 island platform
1 side platform
Other information
WebsiteOfficial website
Fukusaki Station is located in Japan
Fukusaki Station
Fukusaki Station
Location within Japan


Fukusaki Station is served by the Bantan Line.


The station has an island platform and a side platform with an overpass between them and three tracks.[1][2]

1 Bantan Line (southbound) for Himeji
2 Bantan Line (northbound) for Teramae, Wadayama
3 Bantan Line (southbound - shuttle) for Himeji
Bantan Line (northbound - one or two trains per day) for Teramae, Wadayama

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