Fukuoka Stock Exchange

Fukuoka Stock Exchange (FSE) is a stock exchange located in Fukuoka, Japan. It operates Q-Board, a special market for new companies.[2] In August 2000, the exchange closed its trading floor and adopted the electronic trading system of Tokyo Stock Exchange.[3] In January 2002, FSE reached an agreement with the four other Japanese stock exchanges and Japan Securities Dealers Association, JSDA to establish Japan Securities Clearing Corporation, JSCC.[4]

Fukuoka Stock Exchange
TypeStock exchange
LocationFukuoka, Japan
Coordinates33°35′29″N 130°23′50″E / 33.5913°N 130.3971°E / 33.5913; 130.3971Coordinates: 33°35′29″N 130°23′50″E / 33.5913°N 130.3971°E / 33.5913; 130.3971
Key peopleHiroaki Okui (President)[1]

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