Fujiwara (owarai)

FUJIWARA is a Japanese comedy duo (kombi) consisting of Toshifumi Fujimoto (藤本 敏史) and Takayuki Haranishi (原西 孝幸). They are from Osaka, but are currently primarily active in Tokyo and, like most other comedians originating the Kansai region, are employed by Yoshimoto Kōgyō.

Native nameFujiwara (FUJIWARA)
Years active1989–
EmployerYoshimoto Kōgyō

Same year/generation as:
Chihara Kyodai
Buffalo Goro


  • Toshifumi Fujimoto (藤本 敏史, Fujimoto Toshifumi) Born December 18, 1970 in Neyagawa, Osaka. Plays the tsukkomi. Also known as Fujimon (フジモン). Known for his large face, a running joke is to have someone say, "Is it just me or does this studio feel small?" to which he responds, "It's because my face is huge." Fujimoto is known as a rowdy-type character and is usually cast in variety shows as such. He was married to model and tarento Yukina Kinoshita from 2010 to 2019. The pair divorced on December 31, 2019.[1]
  • Takayuki Haranishi (原西 孝幸, Haranishi Takayuki) Born March 5, 1971 in Neyagawa, Osaka. Plays the boke. His main shtick is delivering one-liner jokes, of which he claims to have 200. His gags often consist of puns and are usually accompanied by absurd gestures. He is often compared to a gorilla in a comedic sense due to his facial features.


  • The name FUJIWARA comes from their names, "Fuji"moto and "Hara"nishi, which when put together is pronounced Fujiwara. When the duo was first formed, they used the kanji "藤原", but later changed it to the English spelling of FUJIWARA.
  • Fujimoto writes all of the duo's material and routines except for the solo gags that Haranishi performs.
  • After their marriage in 2010, Fujimoto alongside with Yukina Kinoshita have become one of the most well known entertainer couple in the industry. They have appeared several times together on programs such as Monitoring.

They got divorced end of December in 2019.


Hosted showsEdit

  • Fujiyama Star (フジヤマ☆スタア) (Kansai TC, since 2007)
  • Fujiken (フジケン) (SKY PerfecTV!, since 2004)

Semi-regular showsEdit

FUJIWARA are regular guests on the following shows:

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