Fucking USA

"Fucking USA", often called "Fuck'n USA", is a protest song written by South Korean singer and activist Yoon Min-suk. Strongly anti-US Foreign policy and anti-Bush, the song was written in 2002 at a time when, following the Apolo Ohno Olympic controversy and an incident in which two Korean middle school students were killed by a U.S. Army vehicle, anti-American sentiment in Korea reached high levels.[citation needed] Musically it is a parody of "Surfin' U.S.A.", and though it has a vulgar aspect it is not supposed to be, according to Yoon, just an angsty punk-type song but a serious critique of the Bush Administration and US foreign policy in particular in the Korean peninsula, just conveyed in an ironic and jokingly vitriolic way.[citation needed]

"Fucking USA"
Video still fucking usa.jpg
Single by Yoon Min-suk
FormatDownload, Video
GenreRock & Roll
Songwriter(s)Yoon Min-suk
Producer(s)Yoon Min-suk

In 2012 the US band Neung Phak covered the song on their album Neung Phak 2.


Later a music video was broadcast on a South Korean news program, where it was picked up by Rob Pongi[1] and subsequently rebroadcast on the show's website along with Japanese and English subtitles, enabling it to spread worldwide.[2][3] The version of the song in the video has been remixed and opens with caricatures of U.S. President George W. Bush taunting Koreans, while chants of "부시악" ("Bushi Ak" or "Bush Evil") echo in the background. It displays a slideshow of Korean political cartoons attacking U.S. foreign policy, ending abruptly on the line "Yankee Go Home!", with an animation of the Statue of Liberty exploding.[citation needed]

The video has developed a minor cult status in the West, where it has been shown on comedy shows such as Tarrant on TV and Web Junk 20.[citation needed]

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