Fuck is an American indie rock band, formed in Oakland, California in 1993. The band consists of Timothy Prudhomme, Geoff Soule, Kyle Statham, and Theodore Ellison. They have recorded for a number of labels including Matador Records and Homesleep Records of Italy.

OriginOakland, California
GenresIndie rock
Noise pop
Years active1993–present
LabelsSeveral labels in past, including Matador Records. Jagjaguwar
MembersTimothy Prudhomme
Geoff Soule
Kyle Statham
Theodore Ellison


Fuck was formed in Oakland, California in 1993. The members met while stuck in a police holding cell over the weekend, and wrote a few songs while in jail.[1] They released a self-titled cassette called Fuck, and a single, MonkeyBeautyShotgun on their own imprint, Rhesus Records, in 1994. (The songs from the cassette would eventually find their way onto later releases.[2]) They released their second full-length album Pretty...Slow in 1996. The album was ultimately released on three different labels. Their third album, Baby Loves a Funny Bunny, was also released in 1996.

The band then signed to Matador Records, who released the albums Pardon My French in 1997 and Conduct in 1998. According to Timothy Prudhomme, the band were told by a Matador marketing director that they needed to change the name of the band. They refused to give in.[3]

After Conduct, the band left Matador and drifted between labels. In 2001, they released two albums on two different labels: Cupid's Cactus was released on Steve Shelley's independent label, Smells Like Records, and Gold Bricks was released on Homesleep Records in 2001. Those Are Not My Bongos was released in 2003 on both Homesleep and Future Farmer Records; the latter rereleased Gold Bricks in the U.S. in 2004.[4]

The track "Laundry Shop" (Conduct) was featured (uncredited) in a 2006 episode of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.[5]

In November 2008, the band participated with other similarly named bands, including Holy Fuck, Fucked Up and Fuck Buttons in the Festival of the Fuck Bands music festival in the village of Fucking, Austria.[6]

In 2018, Fuck released The Band, their first new LP in 14 years.[7]

To date, Fuck has performed over 400 live shows and recorded on nine different labels. Prudhomme currently lives in Memphis and the rest of the band lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.



  • Fuck (cassette) – Rhesus – 1994
  • Pretty...Slow (CD) – Rhesus – 1996
  • Baby Loves a Funny Bunny (CD) – Rhesus – 1996
  • Pardon My French (CD) – Matador – 1997
  • Conduct (LP/CD) – Matador – 1998
  • Cupid's Cactus (CD) – Smells Like Records – 2001
  • Gold Bricks (CD) – Homesleep Records – 2001
  • Those Are Not My Bongos (CD) – Homesleep Records – 2003
  • The Band (LP/CD) - Vampire Blues - 2018

Singles and EPsEdit

  • "MonkeyBeautyShotgun" (7") – Rhesus – 1994
  • "LikeyouButterflySomewheres" (7") – Rhesus – 1995
  • "Fish or Fry" (7") – Academy of Chess and Checkers – 1996
  • "TetherFuckmotel" (7") – Jagjaguwar – 1997
  • "Tocotronic" (7") – Rhesus – 1998
  • "Moxie" (7") – Rhesus – 1998
  • "Yuppie Flu" (7") – Rhesus – 1999
  • "BlindbeautyMadeup" (7") – Speakerphone Recordings – 1999
  • "Mumble and Peg" (7") – Vaccination Records – 1999
  • "Pee" (7") – Cool Beans Records – 2000
  • "Homesleep Singles Club No. 4" (CD) – Homesleep Records – 2003


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