Fuca (Manchu: ᡶᡠᠴᠠ
 ; Chinese: 富察氏) was a clan of Manchu nobility. After the demise of the dynasty, some of its descendants sinicized their clan name to the Chinese surnames Fu (富/傅) or Li (李).

Notable figuresEdit


  • Arantai (阿蘭泰; d. 1699), served as the Minister of Works from 1687–1688
    • Funingga (富寧安; d. 1728), Arantai's son; political figure
  • Maci (1652–1739), political figure
  • Fuheng (1720–1770), Maci's nephew; political and military figure
    • Fulong'an (福隆安; 1746–1784), Fuheng's second son
    • Fuk'anggan (1754–1796), Fuheng's son; general
  • Mingliang (明亮; 1736–1822), Fuheng's nephew
  • Mingrui (d. 1768), Fuheng's nephew; general
  • Fumin (福敏; 1673–1756), official
  • Jingshou (景壽; 1829–1889), served as one of the Eight Regents of the Tongzhi Emperor
    • Zhiduan (志端; d. 1871), Jingshou's son by Princess Shou'en
Prince Consort
Date Prince Consort Princess
1753 Mingliang Yuntao's fourth daughter (1736–1825) by secondary consort Fanggiya
1760 Fulong'an Princess Hejia (1745–1767), the Qianlong Emperor's fourth daughter by Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui (Su)
1845 Jingshou Princess Shou'en (1831–1859), the Daoguang Emperor's sixth daughter by Empress Xiaojingcheng (Khorchin Borjigit)
1866 Zhiduan Princess Rongshou (1854–1924), Yixin's first daughter by primary consort (Gūwalgiya)
1905 Songchun (松椿; d. 1927) Yixuan's third daughter (1887–1914) by secondary consort (Ligiya)


Imperial Consort
Imperial Consort Emperor Sons Daughters
Primary consort (Gundei; d. 1620) Nurhaci 5. Prince Manggūltai (1587–1633)
10. Prince Degelei (1597–1635)
3. (Mangguji; 1590–1636)
Empress Xiaoxianchun (1712–1748) Qianlong Emperor 3. Princess Hejing (1731–1792)
Imperial Noble Consort Zhemin (d. 1735) 1. Yonghuang, Prince Ding'an (1728–1750)
Consort Jin (d. 1823)
Concubine Tian (1789–1845) Daoguang Emperor
Imperial Noble Consort Shushen (1859–1904) Tongzhi Emperor
Princess Consort
Princess Consort Prince Sons Daughters
Secondary consort Prince Šurhaci 2. (E'enzhe; 1584 – 1638 or 1639)
3. (b. 1588)
Primary consort General Tanggūdai 1. General Niekesai (1601–1666)
Mistress Fuquan, Prince Yuxian
Yunzhi, Prince Chengyin
Yunyou, Prince Chundu 9. Princess (1726–1745)
Primary consort Yuntao, Prince Lüyi
Secondary consort Yinxiang, Prince Yixian
Mistress Yunlu, Prince Zhuangke
Primary consort Prince Yunqi
Yongrong, Prince Zhizhuang 1. Miancong (1766–1780)
Yongxing, Prince Chengzhe 1. Mianqin, Prince Cheng (1768–1820)
2. Prince Mianyi (1771–1809)

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  • Zhao, Erxun (1928). Draft History of Qing (Qing Shi Gao) (in Chinese).