Fu River (Sichuan)

Fu River, or Fujiang (Chinese: 涪江) is a river of in China's Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality. It is a right tributary of the Jialing River, which in its turn is a left tributary of the Yangtze; it is thus part of the East China Sea basin.

Two bridges across the Fu River at Hechuan, Chongqing.

The Fujiang flows in the general southern and south-eastern direction across the central Sichuan (Mianyang and Suining Prefectures), and then enters the Chongqing Municipality, where it merges with the Jialing.

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Coordinates: 29°59′17″N 106°16′05″E / 29.9881°N 106.268°E / 29.9881; 106.268