Frederick I of Liegnitz

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Frederick I of Liegnitz (3 May 1446 – 9 May 1488), was a Duke of Chojnów and Strzelin from 1453, of Oława and Legnica from 1454, of Brzeg from 1481 and of Lubin from 1482.

Frederick I of Liegnitz
Duke of Chojnów. Strzelin, Oława, Legnica, Brzeg
John I, Frederick I, Frederick II.
Born3 May 1446
Died9 May 1488(1488-05-09) (aged 42)
Noble familySilesian Piasts
Spouse(s)Ludmila of Poděbrady
FatherJohn I of Lüben
MotherHedwig of Brzeg


Frederick was born in Brzeg. He was the only son of John I, Duke of Lubin, by his wife Hedwig, daughter of Ludwik II of Brzeg.

The successive deaths of his uncle Henry X (in 1452) and his own father (in 1453) left Frederick I as the last male representative of the Legnica-Brzeg branch of the Piast dynasty. The seven-year-old prince succeeded John I in Chojnow and Strzelin under the regency of his mother, the Dowager Duchess Hedwig. One year later (1454), Frederick I inherited Olava and Niemcza after the death of his paternal grandmother Margareta of Opole; shortly after, he also received Legnica from the Kingdom of Bohemia. The regency of Dowager Duchess Hedwig ended in 1466, when Frederick I was formally proclaimed an adult and was able to rule by himself. Throughout his reign he focused on the consolidation of his dynasty and the recovery of all the lands lost by his predecessors.

In 1481 Frederick I purchased Brzeg from the Dukes of Opole, and one year later (1482) he did the same with Lubin, then in hands of the Dukes of Głogów. In 1488 he also recovered the towns of Byczyna, Wołczyn and Kluczbork.

He died at Legnica in 1488.

Marriage and issueEdit

On 5 September 1474, Frederick I married Ludmila, daughter of George of Poděbrady, King of Bohemia. They had three sons:

In his will, he left his wife Brzeg and Olava as widow's land, which were ruled by her until her own death.


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Frederick I of Liegnitz
Born: 3 May 1446 Died: 9 May 1488
Preceded by
Jan I
Duke of Chojnów
Succeeded by
John II
Frederick II
George I
Preceded by
Jan II the Mad
Duke of Lubin
Preceded by
Direct Sovereignty of the
Kingdom of Bohemia
last holder
Duke of Legnica
Preceded by
Duke of Oława
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Jan II the Good
Duke of Brzeg