Frost Illustrated was an independent weekly newspaper,[2][3] featuring "News & Views of African Americans" in Fort Wayne, Indiana.[4][5][6] Established in 1968, it was Fort Wayne's oldest weekly newspaper.[7]

Frost Illustrated
TypeWeekly newspaper
PublisherEdward N. Smith[1]
Ceased publicationOctober 2017
HeadquartersFort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Frost was a member of the National Newspaper Association, the National Newspaper Publishers Association, and the Hoosier State Publishers Association, and the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce.[7]

Founded in 1968, at the outset the Frost had three competitors that catered to Fort Wayne's minority community.[8] According to Frost Illustrated publisher Edward Smith, the paper differentiated itself through photography, marketing itself as an "illustrated" paper.[8]

In 1969, African American cartoonist Grass Green drew the strip Lost Family for Frost Illustrated.[9][10][11]

The final issue of Frost Illustrated covered the weeks of October 11–24, 2017.[1] The cover story was about the new CEO of Fort Wayne's Lutheran Hospital.[1]


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