Frolikha Adventure Coastline Track

A Bay of Frolikha
Bay of Frolikha northeast of Lake Baikal

The Frolikha Adventure Coastline Track (F.A.C.T.) is a 100 km Long-distance trail at the Northern part of Lake Baikal in Siberia (Russia).

The trail was built by Russians and Germans in 2009 to encourage local tourism with concepts for the sustainable development of the region. F.A.C.T. runs along the shoreline as well as old hunting and deer pathways. Half way of the trail the river Frolikha flows into Lake Baikal, making its way from Lake Frolikha, which gave the trail its name.

Maintenance of the trail is conducted by volunteers from Russia and other countries on summer projects organised by the charity Great Baikal Trail.

The tracks starts at the Northern end of Lake Baikal and runs southwards towards the hot springs of Khakussy (see coordinate), following sandy beaches and bays, climbing steep cliff lines, and looping Lake Frolikha. Snow-covered, jagged mountain ranges up to 2000 meters in height contrast with the large yet shallow delta of the Verkhne Angara river and the vast Siberian taiga seaming the coastline of the oldest and deepest lake of the world.

The Trail should be used by experienced hikers only. Baikalplan e.V. from Dresden in Germany, having been involved in planning and establishing the trail, published a brochure with a very detailed trail description in March 2010.

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Coordinates: 55°21′43.2″N 109°49′8.4″E / 55.362000°N 109.819000°E / 55.362000; 109.819000