Frode Jakobsen

Frode Jakobsen (21 December 1906 in Østre Jølby, Denmark – 15 June 1997 in Denmark), was a Danish writer and politician who is remembered for his contribution to Danish resistance activities during the German occupation of Denmark in the Second World War.

The Danish Freedom Council: Frode Jakobsen is the 3rd on the left.

In 1941, Jakobsen formed Ringen or the Ring, a secret resistance organisation. In 1943, became one of the key members of the Danish Freedom Council which coordinated resistance activities against the Germans until Denmark was liberated.[1]

After the war he became a member of the Danish Social Democrats party until 1973.

In his book I Danmarks Frihedsråd, he recounts how he helped to bring several resistance organisations together to work towards Denmark's liberation.


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