Friesch Dagblad

The Friesch Dagblad (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfrizˈdɑɣblɑt]; the first word is spelled Fries in modern Dutch) is a Dutch daily newspaper founded in 1903. It covers the region of Friesland with news reports written from a protestant perspective. Friesch Dagblad and its competitor, Leeuwarder Courant, are owned by the NDC Mediagroep. Both newspapers publish most of the content in Dutch, with only about 5% of content in West Frisian.[2][3]

Friesch Dagblad
Logo Friesch Dagblad.jpg
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)NDC Mediagroep
EditorLútsen Kooistra
Founded1 July 1903
Political alignmentChristian[1]
HeadquartersLeeuwarden, Netherlands


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