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Friday Download is a British children's entertainment television programme, produced by Saltbeef Productions on CBBC. It premiered on 6 May 2011. The most recent presenting team consisted of Molly Rainford, Anaïs Gallagher, Harvey Cantwell, Akai Osei, Leondre Devries and Charlie Lenehan.

Friday Download
Friday Download titlecard.png
Title card for Series 9 (2015)
Original language(s)English
No. of series9
No. of episodes104 (list of episodes)
Production location(s)BBC Television Centre (2011–13)
BBC Elstree Centre (2013)
The London Studios (2014–2015)
Running time60 minutes (2011–14)
30 minutes (2015)
Production company(s)Saltbeef Productions
Original networkCBBC Channel
Original release6 May 2011 (2011-05-06) –
31 July 2015
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The series ran for nine series from 2011 until 2015.




Series Episodes Originally aired
Series premiere Series finale
1 13 6 May 2011 (6 May 2011) 29 July 2011 (29 July 2011)
Christmas Special 16 December 2011
2 12 6 January 2012 (6 January 2012) 30 March 2012 (30 March 2012)
3 13 27 April 2012 20 July 2012
4 7[note 1] 23 November 2012 4 January 2013
5 10 26 April 2013 28 June 2013
6 14 20 September 2013 20 December 2013
7 8 16 May 2014 11 July 2014
8 11 4 October 2014 13 December 2014
9 15 25 April 2015 31 July 2015

Tyger vsEdit

Tyger vs was a segment of the Games Download in the first four series, where Tyger went head-to-head against one of the other presenters (or occasionally guests) in either a video or physical game.

Series 1Edit

Week Game Name Tyger vs... Winner
1 Springtime Ceallach Ceallach
2 Kinect Sports Richard Tyger
3 Just Dance 2 Dionne Dionne
4 We Sing Encore Richard Tyger
5 Joy Ride Ceallach Tyger
6 ModNation Racers Dionne Tyger
7 Wii Sports Resort Richard Tyger
8 Kinect Adventures Aidan Aidan
9 Wii Play Motion Aidan Aidan
10 Sing Star Georgia Georgia
11 Just Dance Dionne Dionne
12 Wii Party Richard Tyger
13 Sing Star Ceallach Ceallach
Series Winner(s) Team (6 - 7)

Series 2Edit

Week Game Tyger vs... Winner
1 Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking Aidan Tyger
2 Connect 4 Launchers Ceallach Tyger
3 Dance Star Party Dionne Tyger
4 Swimming Richard Tyger
5 Start the Party! Save the World Tinchy Stryder Tyger
6 Donkey Derby Georgia Tyger
7 Posing Aidan Aidan
8 Toy Basketball Richard Richard
9 Elefun Aidan Aidan
10 - Dionne Dionne
11 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Ceallach Ceallach
12 Hoops Richard Tyger
Series Winner(s) Tyger (7 - 5)

Series 3Edit

Week Game Tyger vs... Winner
1 Just Dance 3 Ceallach Tyger
2 Doh-Nutters Aidan Tyger
3 Bow and arrow Richard Tyger
4 Water Stream Dionne Tyger
5 Wii Party Georgia Georgia
6 Kinect Sports: Season Two Aidan Aidan
7 Singing Ceallach Ceallach
8 Basketball Dionne Dionne
9 Dance Game Dionne Tyger
10 Hook a Duck Georgia Georgia
11 Shooting Gallery Ceallach Ceallach
12 Ping Pong Target Talia Francis Tyger
13 Penalty Shoot-Out All Team
Series Winner(s) Team (6 - 7)

Series 4Edit

Due to Drew-Honey not being in the studio for the first two episodes due to other commitments, Danny Pearson (then a guest presenter) took his place.

Week Game Tyger vs... Winner
1 Dance Dionne Dionne
2 Ping Pong Maze Ceallach Ceallach
3 Balloon Popping Dionne Dionne
4 Christmas Tree Decorating Talia Talia
5 Christmas Cracker Pulling Aidan Tyger

colspan="3"|Series Winner(s) || Team (4 - 1)

Face OffEdit

Face Off is a section in the show (introduced in the fifth series) where two of the presenting team go head-to-head in a 'face off' challenge. The loser has to wear a red shirt and stand in the 'danger' zone. The loser of the previous week gets to take on a different presenter the following week, with a chance of stepping out of the danger zone if they win the next challenge. The presenter who is wearing the red shirt at the end of the series has to face a forfeit.

Series 5Edit

Week Presenter vs Presenter Winner
1 Aidan vs Ceallach Aidan
2 Ceallach vs Dionne Ceallach
3 Dionne vs Shannon Dionne
4 Shannon vs Danny Shannon
5 Danny vs Richard Danny
6 Richard vs Dionne Richard
7 Dionne vs Ceallach Ceallach
8 Dionne vs Danny Danny
9 Dionne vs Shannon Shannon
10 Dionne vs Aidan Dionne
Series Loser Aidan

Series 6Edit

Week Presenter vs Presenter Winner
1 Richard vs Shannon Shannon
2 Richard vs Dionne Dionne
3 Richard vs George Richard
4 George vs Aidan Aidan
5 George vs Shannon George
6 Shannon vs Ceallach Ceallach
7 Shannon vs Dionne Shannon
8 Dionne vs Aidan Dionne
9 Aidan vs George Aidan
10 George vs Ceallach George
11 Ceallach vs Shannon Shannon
12 Ceallach vs George Ceallach
13 George vs Shannon Shannon
Series Loser George

Christmas Download 2013Edit

Week Presenter vs Presenter Winner
Christmas Download Aidan vs Dionne vs Shannon vs Richard vs Ceallach vs George Aidan
Christmas Download Loser Dionne, Shannon, Richard, Ceallach and George

Series 7Edit

Face Off presenters includes: Ceallach Spellman, Richard Wisker, Dionne Bromfield, Shannon Flynn, George Sear, Anaïs Gallagher, Harvey Cantwell, Connor Ball, Tinchy Stryder & Austin Mahone

Week Guest Safe Presenter Loser Forfeit
1 Connor George Dionne Smelly Trainers
2 Harvey Shannon Harvey Canteen Leftovers
3 Anais Cel Dionne Maggots
4 Tinchy Tinchy Dionne Samba Dance
5 Harvey George Harvey Sucking a plate of Lemons
6 Anais Anais Dionne Putting snails on the Face
7 Austin Austin George Pouring Ice down the Back
8 Harvey and Anais Anais George Canteen Leftovers 2

Series 8Edit

Face Off presenters includes: Ceallach Spellman, Shannon Flynn, George Sear, Richard Wisker, Molly Rainford, Anaïs Gallagher, Harvey Cantwell, Akai Osei, Leondre Devries, Charlie Lenehan, Kedar Williams-Sterling, Jordan Brown & Jake Roche

Week Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Safe Presenter Loser Forfeit
1 Molly Akai N/A Akai George Jelly Eels
2 Akai Leondre N/A Shannon Leondre Raw Onion
3 Kedar Jordan N/A Kedar George Garlic Toothpaste
5 Molly Anais N/A Ceallach Anais Walking on Dog Food
6 Anais Harvey Jake Ceallach Anais Hands in curdled cottage cheese
7 Akai Leondre Charlie Akai Charlie Socks on face
8 Molly Akai N/A Shannon Richard Leftovers in boots
9 Leondre Charlie N/A Charlie Leondre Worms On Face
10 Molly Akai N/A Molly Akai Jelly Eels, Raw Onion, Garlic Toothpaste, Walking on Dog Food and Leftovers in boots

Note: There is no face off in Week 4 due to a special Backstage Radio 1 Teen Awards episode.

Christmas Download 2014Edit

Team 1/Winners Team 2/Losers Forfeit
  • Ceallach
  • George
  • Harvey
  • Akai
  • Richard
  • Shannon
  • Molly
  • Anais
Singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" dressed as Christmas puddings


Friday Download production as of 2014 is located at The London Studios in Studio 7. The show's production was originally based at BBC Television Centre from 2011 to 2013 and later Elstree Studios in 2013.

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Result Award Category
2011 Nominated Children's BAFTA Best Entertainment
2012 Won Children's BAFTA Best Entertainment


  1. ^ Including specials/previews


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