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Freundin (meaning Girlfriend in English) is a German language fortnightly women's magazine published in Munich, Germany.

Editor-in-chiefNikolaus Albrecht
CategoriesWomen's magazine
Circulation366,039 (IV/2014)
PublisherBurda Style Group
Year founded1948; 71 years ago (1948)
CompanyHubert Burda Media
Based inMunich


History and profileEdit

Freundin was established in 1948.[1][2] The magazine is part of Hubert Burda Media[3] and is published by Burda Style Group[4] on a fortnightly basis on Wednesdays.[1][5] The headquarters of the magazine is in Munich.[4][6] Nikolaus Albrecht is the editor-in-chief of the magazine of which target audience is women from the age of 25 years.[5]

The magazine started its website in 1996.[7] Renate Rosenthal is one of the former editors-in-chief of Freundin.[2]


In 2001 Freundin was the thirty-fifth best-selling women's magazine worldwide with a circulation of 605,000 copies.[8] The circulation of the magazine during the fourth quarter of 2003 was 465,418 copies.[2] During the fourth quarter of 2004 its circulation was 517,269 copies.[1] The circulation of the magazine 516,443 copies in 2010.[9] The magazine had a circulation of 366,039 copies in the fourth quarter of 2014.[5]

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