Fresh Sound, or Fresh Sound New Talent, is a jazz record label established in Barcelona, Spain, by Jordi Pujol. The label was initially founded as a reissue label.[1]

Fresh Sound
Founded1983 (1983)
FounderJordi Pujol
Country of originSpain

The catalog includes work by musicians both major and minor that was recorded before 1962, including Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker. Sources include Argo, Dawn, Prestige/New Jazz, RCA, Royal Roost, Riverside, and Verve. Fresh Sound has released music by obscure singers Jane Fielding, Beverly Kenney, Marilyn Moore, Lucy Ann Polk, and Helyne Stewart[2]

In the early 1990s, the label began to produce new recordings. This included music by Georges Arvanitas and David Murray; Mundell Lowe and Tete Montoliu; Gabe Baltazar, Eddie Bert, Bob Cooper, Dick Hafer, Charlie Mariano, J. R. Monterose, Bill Perkins, Frank Strazzeri, and Claude Williamson. The Fresh Sound New Talent label was inaugurated in the 1990s with the work of Vinny Golia.[3]



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