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Fresh 92.7 (previously referred to as Fresh FM) is a not-for-profit, community radio station broadcasting out of Adelaide, South Australia on a frequency of 92.7 MHz. The radio station can also be accessed through the Live Player[1] on their website[2] and via the free Fresh 92.7 App, available via the App Store[3] and Google Play.[4]

Broadcast areaAdelaide
SloganThe Beat of Adelaide
FormatDance, Electronica, Urban, Soul
OwnerCommunity Based

Fresh Broadcasters Incorporated is the name of the incorporated body under which Fresh 92.7 sits and 5FBI is their call sign.

Over the last 20 years, Fresh 92.7 has grown to become the most listened to community broadcaster in South Australia. With an established weekly listenership of over 138,000, Fresh is more than just a radio station, it’s a way of life for its young listeners. Dedicated to educating and empowering Adelaide’s youth community and supporting Adelaide’s burgeoning electronic music scene, Fresh 92.7 is a culturally significant organisation providing unique opportunities that empower youth and provide tangible pathways to careers in the music and media industries, while cultivating transferable skills in administration, events and information technology.

Fresh 92.7 is a hub through which young people and the electronic music community come together. The mission of the organisation is to represent youth issues and provide opportunity for volunteers[5] to connect and form community within the organisation.

Fresh 92.7 is overseen by a volunteer board of between 6-10 professionals, runs on 14 staff, and is supported by over 180 volunteers (known as Members) in a range of capacities. Fresh 92.7 employs professionals with extensive radio experience to guide the volunteer team and to ensure the station complies with licence obligations. Fresh 92.7 relies on client sponsorship; Fresh Mate[6] subscribers; revenue from the EDM Production Course, merchandise sales, and their Book A DJ service; grant funding; and donations as sources of revenue to continue broadcasting.



Plans for Fresh 92.7 were laid when three young people from Adelaide (Chris Velliaris, James Engleman, and Jeff Wintle) were visiting Melbourne in January 1997, and were exposed to Hitz FM, a youth radio station. They all agreed that Adelaide could benefit from a similar broadcasting concept. They formed a non-for-profit association and charter, and assembled a team of volunteers, including those with experience in various broadcasting professions.

Many of these volunteers had originally hosted specialist dance music shows on Coast FM 88.7.

Fresh commenced broadcasting with an Australian Broadcasting Authority "Temporary Community Broadcaster" licence on 17 March 1998. Initially the station broadcast at 92.9 MHz in a frequency-sharing agreement with the Italian language radio station Radio Televisione Italiana. They later moved to 92.7 MHz and on 22 August 2002, Fresh received a full-time broadcasting licence from the ABA. Then in October 2010, Fresh moved into new, state-of-the-art, digital studios in Adelaide's fashionable East End.

On 19 February 2016, the University of Adelaide's Vice-Chancellor Warren Bebbington announced that, in order to secure the future of Radio Adelaide as an independent not-for-profit organisation from July 2016, they had signed a deal with Fresh 92.7 that allowed Radio Adelaide to relocate and share their premises.

The two organisations continue to operate as two separate entities. Neither station’s programming has, or will be, affected as part of the arrangement.


Fresh 92.7 provides industry experience, internships, and hands on work place experience to all volunteers both on and off air. They provide a multitude of opportunities and pathways for their community to gain a voice, experience and community connection. In addition to the professional development opportunities they provide, Fresh 92.7 also run EDM Production Courses[7] for young people wanting to learn to produce music, hold Open House forums to connect local emerging electronic musicians to professionals who can inspire and assist them in their career, and partner with local venues and music organisations to provide live performance opportunities to emerging electronic musicians.

The opportunities at Fresh 92.7 are considered be a career pathway. Within the last 2 years, more than 15 volunteers have gone on to get jobs in their chosen field based on experience gained volunteering at Fresh 92.7. And this number is only continuing to climb. Furthermore, they’ve been able to create and provide paid positions on the Fresh 92.7 Street Team and for DJs as part of their ‘Book a DJ’[8] service.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
0000 Late Nights Daily Dancehall & Tings

with Ragz

Get Technical with Nik C Heavy Artillery with

Splinter Cell

Drop Zone with Gootz The Bassline Market

with Miki McFayden

0100 Late Nights Daily
0200 Late Nights Daily Late Nights Daily
0600 Breakfast with Loz & Thomo
0800 Fresh Weekend The Overhang with

Richard Issacs

0900 Fresh 92.7 Days (with Midday Mini Mix from 1200 to 1230) Beats & Pieces with

Dave Collins

1100 Fresh Weekend
1500 Drive
1700 The Vital 25
1800 Wavelength with Zane Dean The Kitchen with Waxx Off Vitamins with Dancespace Rollerz with Troub9l, Roost & Patch Footwork with Tom Reeve
1900 The Come Up with

Miki McFayden

Synergy with

Gex & Dan FX

2000 Fresh Air with Caroline Tucker Freakin' It with Lisa D Deep with Ezee G The Bassbin with Gunda G

& Strict Face

Your Unity with Contagious

& Jem Lang

Carousel with Southpaw
2100 Evolve with JLeo
2200 Studio 92 The Lesson with Miguel Sanchez Soulgood with Bill Fragos The Ones & Twos with

Batch & Critikal

The Vibe with Tom Reidy The Joint with

Winston & Mr. John

2300 The Bassline Market

with Miki McFayden

Fresh 92.7 Top 92Edit

The Fresh 92.7 Top 92 is an annual countdown of the most popular songs of the year, as voted by the listeners. It airs at the start of the year in January.

Digital radioEdit

In mid-2011, Fresh 92.7 commenced broadcasting digital transmission.

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