Freestyle skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics

Freestyle skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics were held at the Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou and Big Air Shougang in Beijing, China. The events were held between 3 and 19 February 2022. A total of 13 freestyle skiing events were held.[1]

Freestyle skiing
at the XXIV Olympic Winter Games
Freestyle skiing pictogram.svg
Freestyle skiing pictogram
Dates3–19 February
No. of events13 (6 men, 6 women, 1 mixed)
Competitors284 from 25 nations
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In July 2018, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially added three events to the Olympic program: big air for men and women, along with a mixed team aerials event.[2][3] A total of 284 quota spots (142 per gender) were distributed to the sport, a decline of 4 from the 2018 Winter Olympics.[4] A total of 13 events were contested, six for men, six for women and one mixed.[5]


A maximum of 284 quota spots are available to athletes at the games. A maximum of 30 athletes could be entered by a National Olympic Committee, with a maximum of 16 men or 16 women. If a NOC has qualified enough athletes to enter the mixed team event in aerials then they may extend their total to 32 athletes. Each event has a specific quota amount allocated to it.[6] The athlete quota per event is listed below.

Event Men Women Minimum FIS points
Aerials 25 25 80.00
Big air/Slopestyle 30 30 50.00
Halfpipe 25 25 50.00
Moguls 30 30 80.00
Ski cross 32 32 80.00
284 quotas 142 142
  • Big air and slopestyle have a combined event quota.

Competition scheduleEdit

The following were the planned competition schedule for all thirteen events.[1]

Sessions that include the event finals are shown in bold.

All times are (UTC+8).

Date Time Event
3 February 18:00 Women's moguls
19:45 Men's moguls
5 February 19:30 Men's moguls
6 February 19:30 Women's moguls
7 February 9:30 Women's big air
13:30 Men's big air
8 February 10:00 Women's big air
9 February 11:00 Men's big air
10 February 19:00 Mixed team aerials
14 February 10:00 Women's ski slopestyle
15:00 Women's aerials
19:00 Women's aerials
15 February 9:30 Women's ski slopestyle
12:30 Men's ski slopestyle
19:00 Men's aerials
16 February 9:30 Men's ski slopestyle
19:00 Men's aerials
17 February 9:30 Women's ski halfpipe
11:30 Women's ski cross
12:30 Men's ski halfpipe
15:10 Women's ski cross
18 February 9:30 Women's ski halfpipe
11:45 Men's ski cross
15:55 Men's ski cross
19 February 9:30 Men's ski halfpipe

Medal summaryEdit

China led all nations in the medal count with four gold medals, while the United States achieved the most medals overall, with eight.

Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (China)

1  China*4206
2  United States2428
3  Switzerland2125
4  Sweden2024
5  Australia1001
  New Zealand1001
8  Canada0325
9  Belarus0101
12  ROC0033
13  Estonia0011
Totals (15 entries)13131440

Men's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Qi Guangpu
129.00 Oleksandr Abramenko
116.50 Ilya Burov
Big air
Birk Ruud
187.75 Colby Stevenson
  United States
183.00 Henrik Harlaut
Nico Porteous
  New Zealand
93.00 David Wise
  United States
90.75 Alex Ferreira
  United States
Alex Hall
  United States
90.01 Nick Goepper
  United States
86.48 Jesper Tjäder
Walter Wallberg
83.23 Mikaël Kingsbury
82.18 Ikuma Horishima
Ski cross
Ryan Regez
Alex Fiva
Sergey Ridzik

Women's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Xu Mengtao
108.61 Hanna Huskova
107.95 Megan Nick
  United States
Big air
Eileen Gu
188.25 Tess Ledeux
187.50 Mathilde Gremaud
Eileen Gu
95.25 Cassie Sharpe
90.75 Rachael Karker
Mathilde Gremaud
86.56 Eileen Gu
86.23 Kelly Sildaru
Jakara Anthony
83.09 Jaelin Kauf
  United States
80.28 Anastasia Smirnova
Ski cross[note]
Sandra Näslund
Marielle Thompson
Daniela Maier
Fanny Smith


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team aerials
  United States
Ashley Caldwell
Christopher Lillis
Justin Schoenefeld
338.34   China
Xu Mengtao
Jia Zongyang
Qi Guangpu
324.22   Canada
Marion Thénault
Miha Fontaine
Lewis Irving
  • note
Fanny Smith of Switzerland, the 2018 bronze medalist, initially crossed the line in third place and thought she had won the bronze medal. Daniela Maier of Germany finished fourth. However, following a 10-minute review by race judges, Smith was penalised for a clash with Maier, so at the awards ceremony on 17 February 2022 Maier was awarded the bronze.[7]

On 26 February 2022, after the end of the Olympic Games, following an appeal from Fanny Smith, the FIS Appeals Commission made the decision to overturn the FIS Jury decision.[8] As a result of winning the appeal, Smith was promoted to third place, while Maier officially finished in fourth place, which was reflected on the FIS website.[9]

FIS has no right to make a decision on the return and redistribution of medals, as this issue is in the exclusive competence of the IOC, therefore, in its decision, the FIS Appeals Commission did not mention any words about the medals and their redistribution, and the IOC has the last word in this issue.[10] On 13 December 2022, the Court of Arbitration for Sport decided both competitors will be awarded duplicate bronze medals and share joint third place.[11] At December 2022 the IOC has updated the data on its website.[12]

Participating nationsEdit

26 nations sent freestyle skiiers to compete in the events, including the IOC's designation of Russian Olympic Committee, were scheduled to participate. The numbers of athletes are shown in parentheses.[13]


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