Freedom Support Act

The FREEDOM Support Act of 1992 (Freedom for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Support Act,[1] FSA, HR 282) is an act passed by the United States Congress. It is not to be confused with the Iran Freedom and Support Act of 2005 (S 333).

FREEDOM Support Act
Great Seal of the United States
Other short titlesFreedom for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Support Act of 1992
Long titleAn Act to support freedom and open markets in the independent states of the former Soviet Union, and for other purposes.
NicknamesAmerican Agribusiness Centers and Practitioners Exchange Act of 1992
Enacted bythe 102nd United States Congress
EffectiveOctober 24, 1992
Public law102-511
Statutes at Large106 Stat. 3320
Titles amended22 U.S.C.: Foreign Relations and Intercourse
U.S.C. sections created22 U.S.C. ch. 67 § 5801 et seq.
Legislative history
  • Introduced in the Senate as S. 2532 by Claiborne Pell (D-RI) on April 7, 1992
  • Committee consideration by Senate Foreign Relations
  • Passed the Senate on July 2, 1992 (76-20, Roll call vote 148, via
  • Passed the House on August 6, 1992 (passed without objection)
  • Reported by the joint conference committee on October 1, 1992; agreed to by the Senate on October 1, 1992 (agreed voice vote) and by the House on October 3, 1992 (232-164, Roll call vote 462, via
  • Signed into law by President George H.W. Bush on October 24, 1992

Formation of the ActEdit

The bill H.R.4547 was sponsored by Rep Dante B. Fascell and introduced March 24, 1992. It was passed by the House on August 6, 1992.[2]

The bill was introduced as S.2532 into the Senate on April 7, 1992 and sponsored by Sen Claiborne Pell. It passed the Senate on July 2, 1992.[3]

The FSA was signed into law on October 24, 1992, by President George H.W. Bush and assigned Public Law No. 102 - 511 [1]

Provisions of the ActEdit

Created through the act are the U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation, the Armenia School Connectivity Program and other organizations founded to foster growth in the former Soviet Union.

Section 102 of the FREEDOM Support Act creates the position of a Coordinator within the Department of State.

In 1992, funding from the FREEDOM Support Act and USAID helped create American Business Centers (ABCs) under the United States Commercial Service, designed to operate in the developing markets of Russia and the Newly Independent States to stimulate economic growth and create jobs in the United States.

Section 907 specifically prohibits Azerbaijan from participating in programs created by the act.


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