Freedom Party of Victoria

The Freedom Party of Victoria is a minor party registered in the Australian state of Victoria. Founded and registered in 2022,[6][7] the party's stated vision is: “A state whereby personal freedom is central, government power is limited, the rule of law applies equally to everyone and individual potential is limited only by ones' imagination. This will be delivered by a secure leadership who are focused on serving and governing, not managing and controlling.”[8]

Freedom Party of Victoria
LeaderMorgan Jonas
Deputy LeaderAidan McLindon
FoundedJune 2022
Registered29 September 2022
Political positionRight-wing to far-right[4] [5]
Colors  Red   Blue
Slogan“Protecting Victorian Jobs – Homes – Families”
Legislative Assembly
0 / 88
Legislative Council
0 / 40

The party emerged from the protests to the response from the state government during the COVID-19 pandemic,[1] and features many candidates that hold anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown and anti-mandate views. The party's leader is Morgan Jonas,[1] an anti-vaccine,[9] anti-lockdown[10] campaigner and former candidate of the United Australia Party (UAP).[9] The party's deputy leader is former Liberal National (LNP) Queensland politician Aidan McLindon.[6][11]

The party contested the 2022 Victorian state election, winning less than 2% of the statewide vote and winning no seats in either chamber of the Victorian Parliament.[12] Actor Damien Richardson ran for the party in 2022. The Party also contested the 2023 Narracan state supplementary election and 2023 Warrandyte state by-election.

In 2023, the party endorsed the No vote during the 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum.[13]


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